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Most Expensive Designer Wedding Dresses

Expensive wedding dresses are nothing new. There is a strong cultural idea that people should spend a lot of money on their weddings in order to make them count, and that a person's wedding is one of the most important days of their lives. It isn't surprising that the wealthy people go one step beyond that. Some of the price tags on these dresses would stun even wealthy people, however.

Jennifer Lopez's Vera Wang Peacock Dress - Technically, Jennifer Lopez never actually went through with wearing this dress on her wedding day to Ben Affleck. However, it's a dress that is going to be associated with her forever. The dress is also walking proof that the old tradition of creating capes out of bird feathers for the sake of conspicuous consumption is not yet dead. This dress was literally made from 2009 male peacock feathers, and it really does look like that, with the bottom half of the gown spreading across the ground in a sea of blue, purple, and green. This dress took literally 1.5 million dollars to make, which is all the more reason why many people aren't going to be able to look away when seeing this garish creation. Vera Wang has created many a wedding dress, but few of them become famous for being made of peacocks.

Kate Middleton’s Sarah Burton Wedding Dress - No one would expect anything less of genuine royalty when it comes to an expensive wedding dress, and the Kate Middleton Sarah Burton wedding dress certainly qualifies as a record-breaker. A good portion of this dress was actually hand-sewn, so some of the cost reflects the amount of labor involved. Sarah Burton wanted the dress to be very vintage, since it has an almost Victorian style and a 1950's style all at the same time. This dress, which was designed to be timeless, cost 400,000 dollars.

Amal Clooney’s Oscar De La Renta Gown - Amal and George Clooney's wedding surprised and delighted the entire world, given his reputation as a lifelong bachelor. However, people might be just surprised when they hear the price tag for Amal's incredibly expensive Oscar De La Renta Gown: 380,000 dollars. Among other things, the embroidery and beading for this dress was done by hand. Between this and the Chantilly lace appliqués, Amal was clearly trying to be a princess for a day.

Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy Gown - People would really expect nothing less of Kim Kardashian than to have one of the most expensive wedding dresses in the world. Her Givenchy gown really does not appear to be all that fancy, but on closer inspection, the long train and the elegant lace must have really increased the price tag to something fitting for a true American socialite.

Princess Diana's David and Elizabeth Emanuel Dress - Princess Diana managed to wear a dress made with literally thousands of pearls and sequins. David and Elizabeth Emanuel clearly went to town with making this dress as luxurious as possible, cementing their careers in the process. The finished dress cost 150,000 dollars in today's dollars.