There is a war coming to the gaming world. As Xbox and PlayStation continue to develop revolutionary products, it seems clear that a winner is about to be crowned. Microsoft is on the verge of launching its next generation gaming console. The Xbox One will be among the most revolutionary gaming systems to ever be introduced.

With cutting edge hardware components, the Xbox One will offer a gaming experience that has never before been possible. Equipped with a next generation graphics card and processor, the gaming console will have a higher frame rate and greater quality images than its predecessor. However, gamers should expect it to take some time for game developers to take full advantage of these capabilities. Game development takes years to complete, and it will take several cycles of game developments for software companies to fully grasp the new capabilities of this gaming system.

Over the next few months, gamers will be in for a series of exciting treats. With the impending release of the Xbox One, the gaming industry is poised to start an exciting new era in video game design and development. With capabilities that have never before been available, game developers will be better able to create exciting and exotic settings for their games.