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Different Types of Wedding Gowns

Just by browsing through a sea of wedding dresses, you are aware of different silhouettes. To have the most flattering wedding dress, a bride needs to consider which silhouette is the best for her body shape.
• Ball Gown - Many people refer to this style as the "Cinderella" dress. It is the timeless and classic look. The bodice is form fitting. Then it flairs at the waist with a full skirt. The skirt may have layers and ruffles to enhance its fullness. It looks lovely on most body types, but it looks especially great on pears shapes. It conceals the lower body. This is not the best choice for petites. Usually, the fullness is overwhelming on a small frame.
• A-Line - The A-Line gets its name from the resemblance to the uppercase "A". It is similar to the Ball Gown, but it is not as flamboyant. It has a fitted bodice through the waist. Then, it gently flows outward to the floor. All body types look ideal in this silhouette.
• Modified A-Line - The Modified A-Line keeps the resemblance to the letter "A". It is fitted on the bodice and hips. There is a gradual flair to the hem. The skirt of a modified A-line dress fits closer to the body. This is ideal for all body types.
• Mermaid - The Mermaid is the most fitted body-hugging style. It is fitted from the chest to the knee. The dress flares out close to the knee. It is for perfect hourglass body shapes who wish to show off their curves. Also, it flatters a slender frame. Apple and plus sizes need to consider other options.
• Trumpet - The Trumpet is fitted through the body and flairs out at mid-thigh. The style is between a Modified A-Line and a Mermaid. Brides with small waists, hourglass shapes, and petites look flattering in this style. The skirt can be slim and structured, or it can be wide and poufy. Since it accentuates the stomach and hip areas, pear and apple shapes may need to avoid this one.
• Sheath - The Sheath flows straight down from the neckline to the hem. It is a narrow design. Some consultants refer to the Sheath as a Column gown. This style flatters lean frames and petites. If the dress has a vertical panel design, it gives a lengthening effect. It is not the best option for pear body shapes. Sheaths show extra inches and can produce unflattering appearances.
• Dropped Waist - Its design is like its name. The dress drops below the waistline around the hip area, and then it flares out. A Dropped Waist wedding dress is best for brides who have trim mid-sections. It hugs the waist and hips. This fit eliminates the appearance of curves.
• Tea Length - The Tea-Length is an option for a shorter dress. The skirt falls between the ankle and the knee. It works well for all body types.
• Mini - For the bride who does not like long gownsm or are uncomfortable in maxi-dresses, then the Mini is a good choice. The skirt falls above the knee. You do not have to worry about tripping or snagging your dress. It is an option for most body types if you want to wear a short dress. Plus sizes may wish to avoid this style.

Even though there are basic guidelines for matching body shapes with dress designs, there are always exceptions. Sometimes, there are the brides who look their best in unexpected silhouettes. A bride just has to experience the visual effects of different designs.